Dear Fellow Patriot,

Our year with the Virginia Sons of the Revolution has been active as usual.  Most of the thanks for all the events goes to the various volunteers who work hard to make the events come off without a hitch (or at least seem that way.)

The George Washington Birthday Dinner with General Lapthe Flora was a spectacular evening.  Beautiful weather and fabulous food made our Annual Meeting at the Tuckahoe Woman’s Club a great event.  Scott Bussells and his recruitment get togethers have added more new and younger members as well.  Virginia is now the third largest state society and the only one with an upsloping membership curve.  

Thanks are in order for all who helped host the Annual Meeting for the General Society of the Sons of the Revolution Board of Managers meeting in Richmond October 4-6.  Over fifty members from various state societies enjoyed the wonderful (finally) fall weather.  They were impressed with Richmonders and our support for history in general, as well as our interest in the Civil War and Revolutionary War in particular.

The focus of the GSSR meeting was to try to determine what are the attributes of a historical genealogy society that would make it thrive in today’s environment.  The VSSR exists to perpetuate the memory of men who provided military service to the colonies and Continental Congress while seeking independence for the United States.  There should always be proper celebration of the birthday of George Washington and all prominent events of the Revolution.  Our society helps to shine a light on the history of the creation of our amazing country. The VSSR promotes patriotism and friendships to members with Revolutionary forefathers.   We also contribute to historical preservation of many Revolutionary War sites through our contributions to the Patriots Fund.

Showing men the benefits of membership requires visibility for the organization. Promoting fellowship among old and new members and their interests in our history makes for a growing society.  The best way to promote and grow our group is through one on one discussion of each member’s passion for history and patriotism with future recruits.

Supporting these ideas requires both a time and a monetary contribution.  The 501 C 3 status of the Virginia SSR Patriots Fund allows for donations to help in a tax deductible way.  The budget of the VSSR does require a draw of Patriots Fund assets to
help with the operation yearly.  The annual dues are also needed for the meetings and various administrative tasks that are completed daily.  Coordination with the national GSSR helps smaller states both to teach and learn from other states.

Please consider these facts in support of both the Patriots Fund and prompt payment of your annual dues.  You will receive an invoice for your annual dues in a few weeks.  Please return it promptly to Lee Boisseau.  We have worked hard this summer to streamline the accounting process and hope to receive all dues payments for 2020 by January 1, 2020.  Delay makes planning VSSR meetings and other patriotic events more difficult.  Please remember that all those members attending the George Washington Birthday event at the Commonwealth Club must be current with dues payments.

If you see fit please consider a contribution to the VSSR Patriots Fund to help its mission.  Last year we supported “Revolutionary Richmond” brochures, which outlined Revolutionary War sites for Richmond visitors.  The Rochambeau statue at Yorktown was a recipient of our funds.  More donations to the Patriots Fund make it possible to expand support of historical services the VSSR can provide.  In this day and time, historical facts and memories that support our Patriot ancestors is needed now more than ever.

The most important activity is participation.  The VSSR Board of Managers encourages you all to attend the Oyster Roast in November, George Washington’s Birthday dinner, and all other events.  There are many old and new friends waiting for you at all Sons events.  I look forward to our next time together.

John M. Daniel, III