Leadership of the Society

These officer positions are responsible for annual leadership decisions (as supported by the Board of Managers) as well as day-to-day operations.

Executive Team

  • President Mr. Matson L. Roberts
  • First Vice President Mr. Mark M. Jakobowski
  • Second Vice President
  • Secretary Mr. Sean O’Hara
  • Treasurer Mr. Barry P. Almond
  • Membership Chairman Mr. Scott Bussells
  • Registrar Mr. C. L. Sigmon, II
  • Chaplain to the Society Rev. Peter K. Stimpson
  • Captain of the Colour Guard Mr. Frank M. Galleher, III
  • 1st Lt. of the Colour Guard Mr. Matthew D. Schumacher
  • Scholarship Committee Chairman Mr. J. Matthew Haynes, Jr.

Board of Managers

These positions support the vision and mission of our Virginia society as well as lend their individual and combined leadership to our growth.

Term Expires 2023

  • Mr. Walter J. Sheffield
  • Mr. Richard O. Stone
  • Mr. Nicholas G. Almond

Term Expires 2024

  • Mr. Joseph D. Thornton
  • Mr. Grayson Harding
  • Mr. Alexander M. Macaulay

Term Expires 2025

  • Dr. James C. Goodloe, IV
  • Mr. N. Douglas Payne
  • Mr. Craig H. Weaver

Past Presidents

  • Mr. William W. Tunner
  • Mr. Roderick M. Gardner
  • Dr. William S. Tunner
  • Mr. Miles Cary, Jr.
  • Mr. C. Hobson Goddin
  • Mr. Matson L. Roberts
  • Mr. Samuel B. Witt III
  • Mr. Madison P. McClintic
  • Mr. F. Claiborne Johnson, Jr.
  • Mr. Beverly S. Mauck, Jr.
  • Mr. William H. King, Jr.
  • Mr. Carter V. Reid
  • Mr. Thomas G. Vance
  • Dr. John M. Daniel III
  • Mr. J. Mark Bearden