The Sons of the Revolution (SR) was founded in 1876. Members of the Society of the Cincinnati, which restricted participation to a single male descendant, wanted to broaden participation and so formed the SR. The same mission – to promote knowledge and appreciation of the achievement of American independence and to foster fellowship – was continued.

Open to all sons of enlisted men, as well as officers, and descendants of other qualifying patriots, the General Society Sons of the Revolution was formed in April 19, 1890. Formed by the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and New York Societies, an organization structure was created to allow for both local/state autonomy and national unity. The New York Society purchased, restored and still maintains Fraunces Tavern and Museum at 45 Pearl Street in New York.

Today, there are 28 societies, only one being allowed per state, within the United States and Europe designated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organizations. The General Society headquarters are in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Visit for details and other General Society information.

Society Differences

The chart below helps illustrate how our Sons of the Revolution (SR) society differs from the other two Revolutionary descendant-based organizations.

Name Founded Acronym Member Qualification
OUR SOCIETY: SONS OF THE REVOLUTION 1890 SR (Varies by state chapter) Any male descendant of a soldier in Military, Naval, Marine Service, or by service in the Continental Congress or Congress of any of the thirteen colonies, or by service as an official under authority of such bodies.
SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI 1783 SC (Varies by state chapter) The oldest male direct descendant of officers of the Continental Army and Navy and their French counterparts during the Revolutionary War (not marines). Only one descendant per ancestor is permitted per state.
SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (SAR) 1889 SAR (Varies by state chapter) Any male descendant of a supporter of the revolution, through either a military, congressional or patriot or overt act of resistance to the authority of Great Britain.